December 28, 2008

Is Your Eye Cream a Rip-Off?

We tracked down dermatologist Dr. Heidi Waldorf, aesthetician Olga Lorencin-Northrup and natural skincare specialist Liz Earle to help identify the most effective ingredients to address your eye-area concerns. So whether you're ready to dump your current eye treatment or still testing the water, take this quiz to find out whether your product fits their recommendations....More

By Charli Schuler

Your Makeup Products Could Be Causing Acne

Stress, the environment and hormones all contribute to unsightly blemishes ... but could part of the problem be your makeup? Even seemingly acne-friendly products can clog your pores if they're not right for your skin -- or if you're combining them with not-so-skin-friendly habits. Take this quiz to see if your makeup products and practices put you at a higher risk for acne...More

By Charli Schuler

November 16, 2008

Get rid of acne & wrinkles

While reading Elle Canada magazine, I came across an article about acne treatment. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, from the Toronto dermatology center, answers readers questions and offers solution on how to get rid of those annoying, nasty acne.

1. What acne solution can you use to get rid of acne scars? The type and severity of scarring needs to be assessed based on a number of factors including age, skin colour, presence of ongoing acne, etc. A dermatologist is the best person to discuss this with. Acne treatment options include laser (the new Fractionated Lasers have shown nice results, or you can use smoothbeam or another resurfacing laser), subcision or punch excision of scars, and a more modest benefit with chemical peels (remember, the deeper the peel the better the outcome, but it will mean more downtime) and microdermabrasion. Injectable fillers such as Restylane are sometimes used as well to plump out indented scars. It's critical to make sure that any acne is cleared up before going after the scars. You need to stop the fire in the house before rebuilding.

2. What's the best way to treat discolored skin? It needs to be determined by a dermatologist why the skin is darker or discoloured in that particular area. We need to know if there was a rash or eczema, or another problem in that area. What medications have been used, (some medications can darken the skin.) The skin can be lightened with hydroquinone creams or Vitamin A acid creams (Tretinoin, Tazarotene), or a combination cream. Other times, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments can be beneficial. The use of a good daily sunscreen (minimum SPF 30, ask your dermatologist for which ingredients to look for) is also important as the sun keeps pigment from fading.

3. I have what is called milia under my eyes (tiny white pimple like bumps). Is their any product that will cover them without damaging under my eyes? Milia seems to be more common in people who have dry skin and while it is difficult to cover up any bumps on the skin, COVERFX and Dermablend make great cover up solutions. Milia are also easily extracted with no scarring by a dermatologist with special extraction tools and minimal discomfort.

4. I started getting small bumps on my face, which appear to be kind of like blocked pores and they won't go away. How can I get rid of them/prevent them from happening? What you're describing sounds like comedones (whiteheads and/or blackheads). Salicylic acid washes that are available over the counter can be beneficial, but often a topical Vitamin A acid (Tretinoin, Tazarotene, Adapalene) is required to keep the spots at bay. If there are numerous lesions and they are slow to respond to creams, oral Isotretinoin (Accutane) is usually successful, but usually reserved for moderate to severe acne. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion can help as well.

5. I'm still young but I have a lot of deep lines and wrinkles. I've tried many creams but they don't work. What can I do? Most over the counter creams are only modestly beneficial. Prescription creams with Vitamin A (for example Tazarotene, Tretinoin) in particular have been shown to help with fine wrinkles and other signs of sun/photo-damage in numerous studies. Botulinum Toxin A (Botox) is very popular, effective and safe, and it is particularly helpful for dynamic wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. As well, fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are very useful for lower face, static wrinkles, especially the smile lines. Resurfacing lasers can also be tried. Surgical options are less in vogue, involve more downtime and have more potential risks.

Again, a dermatologist, the only skin expert, is your best bet for more information.

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Top-Rated Acne Fighters

Top-Rated Acne Fighters
These beauty products by Prescriptives, Avon and more left skin zit-free. By Charli Schuler
The only thing worse than a painful pimple is a product that can't cure (or worse, irritates) a painful pimple. We scoured your reviews to find the top acne fighters, from drugstore favorites to high-end formulas. Find out if your acne treatment is really the best one out there by reading these product reviews. ...More
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Is Botox for you?

Are You Ready for Botox?
Fillers, peels, lasers -- find out if one is right for you. By Mary Rose Almasi
Choose the best answer to each question to find out whether you really need treatments. ...More
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Right skin care for your age

The Right Skin Care for Your Age
How do celebrities get that youthful glow? Probably with a little help from these products. By Kristen Oldham Giordani
Getting ahead of yourself when it comes to skin care is easy to do. With so many products containing beneficial ingredients like antioxidants, retinoids, peptides, acids, etc., it's easy to think that you need to use them all -- now! But pace yourself; different ages have different skin issues and sometimes (most times) less is more. We talked to dermatologist Dr. Heidi Waldorf and Kinara Spa owner, aesthetician Olga Lorencin, who both agreed. Here's the scoop on what products you should think about using in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s to keep your skin looking great. ...More
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Best way to fight wrinkles and zits

Skin Problem: The Best Way to Fight Wrinkles and Zits
By Charli Schuler

Acne is bad enough during your teen years but aging beneath incessant breakouts is no fun either. While you might be thankful your hormones are still raging, keep any negative effects under control (and out of your mirror) by following these tips from top skin doctors and estheticians. ...More

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November 12, 2008

Stila 20% Family and Friends

Stila fans, get ready for the annual Family and Friends event at
Use ECYX12 when checking out to get 20% off on your total order along with free shipping. Hurry ladies, this offer ends December 16th.

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November 11, 2008

Urban Decay Friends & Family Sales

Alright ladies, Urban Decay is having a sale for family and friends. 30% off all products! Time to stock up on some old and new favorites. Use the code: FFH30 during checkout. Have fun shopping!

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November 4, 2008

Mac Fix+

Omgoodness, the weather here is so terrible! one minutes is windy, the next is freaking cold or raining like crazy! We got our 1s SNOW the last week of on, from past experience, when snow falls early, the winter will be extremely cold when January comes. Well at least the snow melted just in time for Halloween, but it was still freaking cold! For the past couple days, the weather is so dry that makes my skin feels flaky and crack. To make it worst, the air at work is just as bad! I think the air circulation is not working properly because the air feels dry; which makes my face and contact lenses extremely dry and itchy. Also my throat was feeling itchy and 2 days later I was sick. I don't think it's a cold because when talking to my colleague, she told me that we was also sick for 3 months when she started working at this company......OMG....3 MONTHS!?

Aside from using eye contact drops, hand cream, I brought my Mac Fix+ at work. During the day I keep spritzing some Fix+ to hydrate my skin. Let me tell you.........the cold water and the woody scent feel awesome on my drench thirsty skin! Yes I use it every morning to set my makeup but I never used it through the day.......but I like it. I have 1 more item to add to my makeup case in my purse, and I hate carrying so many makeup. What you don't realize is that makeup bag do take space in your purse and can be heavy too if you have other articles in your bag; such as agenda, cell phone, pen, gum, sanitizer, water bottle, wallet, home and car keys, ipod, and other unnecessary crap that you may or may not need. All that adds bulk and weight in your bag!

As stated on the website, the Fix+ has "vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi." It is basically good for your skin.

So all this wining concludes to how much I appreciate Mac Fix+ and how I like to use it throughout the day to hydrate my skin. What you beauty bloggers carry in your purse/bag? Is it as heavy as mine?!

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November 2, 2008

Sephora Friends and Family special

What makeup junkie and skincare addict aren't crazy in love with Sephora store?! Well ladies, here's your chance to save and splurge at the same ladies! This comes in jut in time for Christmas, Sephora is doing a friends and family special by taking off 20% on regular products that never goes on sales. So it's time to start the holiday shopping. This promotion starts Nov 6-Nov 10 just enter the Code FF2008 when shopping online.

Too bad that this offer is not valid in Canada. So my American beauty bloggers, what are you buying?

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October 29, 2008

Review:Vichy cleanser

A few years a go, I bought Vichy Pureté Thermal cleanser. I got 1 thing to say....3 in 1 cleanser!! I like the idea of having a cleanser that remove makeup and clean your face in just 1 simple step. You can use this product while in the shower.....loove it!! It's fast, easy and did I mention faST?! haaa haaaa
It's a cleansing milk, eye make-up remover and toning lotion, so I guess that's where the 3 in 1 name comes from. When using this cleanser, I notice that eyeliners and other makeup are completely removed and doesn't leave nasty traces on your face. Remember to ALWAYS remove your makeup before going to bed. For lazy makeup girls, like me, have no excuse by going to bed with their full face makeup.

It's dermatology and allergy tested, good for dry as well as sensitive skin, and will not cause any acne breakouts. BUT the downside is that even if it's good for people that have sensitive skin, it is not recommended for oily. You see, I MISSED this part of information when I bought this product a few years ago! By using this cleanser, my sensitive, combination skin felt so clean, smooth, and it didn't leave a dry feeling like some cleansers do after washing. But the cleanser didn't work for me since it made my skin more oily than usual. I'm sad since this product can make my life easier with just 1 single step and I CAN'T used it!

In the end, even if Vichy removes all traces of makeup like a charm, it make oily skin even more oily. It is better suited for dry and sensitive skin.

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October 24, 2008

Review: La prairie eye cream

So I've been using La prairie Cellular Revitalizing eye Gel cream for a couple years now. Although I hate the tought of getting my skin used to expensive cream in my 20s, but Ihave to say that it works well on my skin. Oh boy skin is getting use to expensive products now; I don't wanna think what eye cream I would be using when I'll be in my 50s! Ahhh I just hope that it's not gonna be products that cost more than I'm paying now.....:( You know now that I think of it, my mom buys skin care products for over $250 CAN for 1 item! .......OMG.......I'm doomed!!!

My beauty sleep suffers due to my crazy life! When using LaPrairie Cellular Revitalizing eye Gel cream, it reduces the puffiness and the begining of dark circles under my eyes. I see an improvement with the firmness and tightness in the eye area. I like the idea that the cream is oil free with a lightweight formula, and it doesn't irritate my skin. This gel formula refreshes and soothes my tired eyes morning and night. It is stated that the eye cream helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A pea size is enough to cover an eye.
The only bad thing is the cost around $155 CAN, and the jar is rather small!! I mean for the price I'm paying I would like to have a little bit more than 15 ml. Even if that tiny jar last me around 3 months.....I still wish it would be bigGER!!! All in all, the eye gel works well to reduce the puffiness and the begining of dark circles under my eyes.
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October 21, 2008

Review: Olay complete spf15

For years, I've been using Olay complete Sensitive Skin spf15 moisturizer. I love it!

It doesn't make my face oily since it's oil free. It's also frangrance free and a sunscreen protection of 15. This cuts down my time since I don't have to put a sunscreen on top of my moisturizer (so I got a few minutes more to play with my makeup!) Anything that cuts down my steps in the morning.....I'm all for it! The formula is light and not greasy, and absorbs fast on the skin. You would think that it would smell funky or organic since there's no fragrance, but I like the smell. It's not over powering, the smell is kinda freshing. We all need vitamins in our Olay incorporated vitamin E and C in their moisturizer and won't clog your pores. There are 3 products to choose from: sensitive, normal or combination oily. Oh I almost forgot, this product was tested and recommended by dermatologists! I have a sensitive, acne prone skin; so when using this moisturizer, I don't breakout!! Awsome!!!! My skin stays moisturized all day long and my skin has this glow after putting the cream.....and I like that. Who needs makeup or highlight when you can have that effect with a moisturizer?! Hee heeee

I believe Olay cost around $9-10 in Canada at any drugstore or walmart. It's pretty cheap, but it works wonders on my skin. So in all I LOOOOVVVEEE this product because I don't breakout easily with it!

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October 20, 2008

Review: ProActiv

How great is proactiv? For many people, it's a great acne treatment. But for me, that's another story! I have occasional mild acne. I caved in and decided to try it since I heard thousands of people raving about this product.

Proactiv did not hydrate or make my skin look healthy as stated in their ads. Instead my face was so flaky after just 3 days of using it. Although I have combination skin, this product makes my face so dry! Imagine if using it for a skin would probably feel like chalk or I'll look a like a mummy! EEEWWWW The moisturizer is light, but you need to wear a bit more than you should so that your face don't feel like a paper sand. It's good that all 3 products come in bottles so that you don't contaminate them when using. The repairing lotion is oil-free, therefore your face will not feel oily all day long. There is no SPF, so you have to wear a sunblock lotion over which result into oily face at the end of the day! ll give props to how easy it is to use. 3 easy steps: cleanse, tone and moisturize. How easy it that?! The smell....well.... it's fragrance free, so it smells like plants or herb scent. I personally don't like the scent, although I like the fact that it's fragrance free.

Basically Proactiv was a total waste of $$, and did not even clear the pimple! All I got was dry, flaky skin!

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Review: La Mer cream

For the past 2 months, I was testing La Mer cream. The moisturizing cream cost me $250 CAN! Even though my skin is smooth, the cream made my skin smoother, but the only dilemma is that it is too rich for me. My combination skin produced more oil than usual, and felt so greasy. It was nasty. The cream is very rich and creamy. It has a refreshing feeling with an ocean breeze scent. The scent is not over powering that will make you gagged. With winter just around the corner, I think I can salvage this product when winter comes. Canadian wheather is extremely cold, and can turn a combination skin into a dry, flaky skin. So unattractive!! La Mer brochure states that after using their products, "skin becomes softer, firmer, looks virtually creaseless. Aging lines and pores are noticeably less visible. Even the driest of complexions are healed. Sensitivities are soothed."

Before leaving with the product, the woman at the La Mer counter showed me how to apply the cream. She did not let me leave until I was doing it properly. By rubbing the cream between the fingers, this will activate and release the algae and other essential ingredients. Afterward pat the cream on the surface of the skin. Do not rub like you normally would do with other moisturizers. Apparently by patting, the algae and other ingredients will penetrate evenly on the skin.
The cream was created due to an accident. "Crème de la Mer was conceived under extraordinary circumstances. Years ago, Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace physicist, suffered a horrific accident — a routine experiment exploded in his face — covering him with severe chemical burns. Neither science nor medicine offered sufficient promise of help, so Huber decided to help himself. Twelve years and 6,000 experiments later, he perfected the Crème that would help give skin a dramatically smoother appearance."

In the end, La Mer cream will better suit a person with dry or normal skin type. It is beneficial for dry and sensitive skin due to the instant soothing effects that it produces when applied.
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