November 4, 2008

Mac Fix+

Omgoodness, the weather here is so terrible! one minutes is windy, the next is freaking cold or raining like crazy! We got our 1s SNOW the last week of on, from past experience, when snow falls early, the winter will be extremely cold when January comes. Well at least the snow melted just in time for Halloween, but it was still freaking cold! For the past couple days, the weather is so dry that makes my skin feels flaky and crack. To make it worst, the air at work is just as bad! I think the air circulation is not working properly because the air feels dry; which makes my face and contact lenses extremely dry and itchy. Also my throat was feeling itchy and 2 days later I was sick. I don't think it's a cold because when talking to my colleague, she told me that we was also sick for 3 months when she started working at this company......OMG....3 MONTHS!?

Aside from using eye contact drops, hand cream, I brought my Mac Fix+ at work. During the day I keep spritzing some Fix+ to hydrate my skin. Let me tell you.........the cold water and the woody scent feel awesome on my drench thirsty skin! Yes I use it every morning to set my makeup but I never used it through the day.......but I like it. I have 1 more item to add to my makeup case in my purse, and I hate carrying so many makeup. What you don't realize is that makeup bag do take space in your purse and can be heavy too if you have other articles in your bag; such as agenda, cell phone, pen, gum, sanitizer, water bottle, wallet, home and car keys, ipod, and other unnecessary crap that you may or may not need. All that adds bulk and weight in your bag!

As stated on the website, the Fix+ has "vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi." It is basically good for your skin.

So all this wining concludes to how much I appreciate Mac Fix+ and how I like to use it throughout the day to hydrate my skin. What you beauty bloggers carry in your purse/bag? Is it as heavy as mine?!

À bientÔt

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