October 21, 2008

Review: Olay complete spf15

For years, I've been using Olay complete Sensitive Skin spf15 moisturizer. I love it!

It doesn't make my face oily since it's oil free. It's also frangrance free and a sunscreen protection of 15. This cuts down my time since I don't have to put a sunscreen on top of my moisturizer (so I got a few minutes more to play with my makeup!) Anything that cuts down my steps in the morning.....I'm all for it! The formula is light and not greasy, and absorbs fast on the skin. You would think that it would smell funky or organic since there's no fragrance, but I like the smell. It's not over powering, the smell is kinda freshing. We all need vitamins in our body.....so Olay incorporated vitamin E and C in their moisturizer and won't clog your pores. There are 3 products to choose from: sensitive, normal or combination oily. Oh I almost forgot, this product was tested and recommended by dermatologists! I have a sensitive, acne prone skin; so when using this moisturizer, I don't breakout!! Awsome!!!! My skin stays moisturized all day long and my skin has this glow after putting the cream.....and I like that. Who needs makeup or highlight when you can have that effect with a moisturizer?! Hee heeee

I believe Olay cost around $9-10 in Canada at any drugstore or walmart. It's pretty cheap, but it works wonders on my skin. So in all I LOOOOVVVEEE this product because I don't breakout easily with it!

À bientÔt


jeSmakeup said...

OOoh another moisturizer for sensitive skin! im def. gonna give this one a try.. i have realy sensitive skin and theres not much moisturizer ive seen for senstive skin..

K said...

You should give this a try. I have sensitive skin as well, and this leave my skin super soft and break out free!! I always try other moisturizers, but I always come back to my Olay. I find that it works best......for my skin