October 29, 2008

Review:Vichy cleanser

A few years a go, I bought Vichy Pureté Thermal cleanser. I got 1 thing to say....3 in 1 cleanser!! I like the idea of having a cleanser that remove makeup and clean your face in just 1 simple step. You can use this product while in the shower.....loove it!! It's fast, easy and did I mention faST?! haaa haaaa
It's a cleansing milk, eye make-up remover and toning lotion, so I guess that's where the 3 in 1 name comes from. When using this cleanser, I notice that eyeliners and other makeup are completely removed and doesn't leave nasty traces on your face. Remember to ALWAYS remove your makeup before going to bed. For lazy makeup girls, like me, have no excuse by going to bed with their full face makeup.

It's dermatology and allergy tested, good for dry as well as sensitive skin, and will not cause any acne breakouts. BUT the downside is that even if it's good for people that have sensitive skin, it is not recommended for oily. You see, I MISSED this part of information when I bought this product a few years ago! By using this cleanser, my sensitive, combination skin felt so clean, smooth, and it didn't leave a dry feeling like some cleansers do after washing. But the cleanser didn't work for me since it made my skin more oily than usual. I'm sad since this product can make my life easier with just 1 single step and I CAN'T used it!

In the end, even if Vichy removes all traces of makeup like a charm, it make oily skin even more oily. It is better suited for dry and sensitive skin.

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