October 24, 2008

Review: La prairie eye cream

So I've been using La prairie Cellular Revitalizing eye Gel cream for a couple years now. Although I hate the tought of getting my skin used to expensive cream in my 20s, but Ihave to say that it works well on my skin. Oh boy skin is getting use to expensive products now; I don't wanna think what eye cream I would be using when I'll be in my 50s! Ahhh I just hope that it's not gonna be products that cost more than I'm paying now.....:( You know now that I think of it, my mom buys skin care products for over $250 CAN for 1 item! .......OMG.......I'm doomed!!!

My beauty sleep suffers due to my crazy life! When using LaPrairie Cellular Revitalizing eye Gel cream, it reduces the puffiness and the begining of dark circles under my eyes. I see an improvement with the firmness and tightness in the eye area. I like the idea that the cream is oil free with a lightweight formula, and it doesn't irritate my skin. This gel formula refreshes and soothes my tired eyes morning and night. It is stated that the eye cream helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A pea size is enough to cover an eye.
The only bad thing is the price.....it cost around $155 CAN, and the jar is rather small!! I mean for the price I'm paying I would like to have a little bit more than 15 ml. Even if that tiny jar last me around 3 months.....I still wish it would be bigGER!!! All in all, the eye gel works well to reduce the puffiness and the begining of dark circles under my eyes.
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